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Wealth Management
A holistic approach

From the days when advisors were operating in separate disciplines, each offering their own advantageous way to handle financial products, today's financial planning involves complex and personal matters. Thus, solutions must be considered within a cross-disciplinary framework.
As such, NBK Banque Privée offers a holistic plan encompassing areas such as: family affairs, investments, real estate, cash and credit management, fiduciaries, trusts and wills.

Customized Solution for your needs

What NBK Banque Privée offers its clients must be designed to fit the full range of each individual's needs, whether the objectives are wealth enhancement, wealth transfer or the preservation of capital.
NBK Banque Privée emphasizes the building of long lasting relationships. We aim to fully understand and meet our client’s changing needs over time.
We assemble and monitor a network of financial experts to assist our Private Banker to meet the client's needs. We work effectively with third party managers and professional advisors to complement the information and services provided.

  An Open Architecture

At its most simple level, open architecture is an offering that combines both proprietary and external products, according to the client's investment profile and the management mandate. NBK Banque Privée offers a broad range of investment products thereby delivering its clients the best of products in each asset class. These investment products are in turn used as building blocks to create investment portfolios that meet our clients' needs.
Gaining clients' trust means not only offering excellent portfolio construction and investment opportunities but also a commitment to servicing and achieving clients' wealth objectives.