Investment Management
What is a Hedge Fund?

A hedge fund is an investment fund structured to avoid direct regulation and taxation in major countries and which charges a performance fee based on the increase of the value of the fund's assets. The assets of a hedge fund will usually be managed by an investment management firm based in a major financial centre. As a hedge fund is largely unregulated, its investment manager is able to deploy a wider range of investment strategies and tactics than it could for a regulated fund, and investing in a hedge fund is therefore considered to carry more risk.

  • Due to the fact that our asset management firm is fully independent, but not outrageously big, we have a luxury to be extremely picky in terms of selection of our hedge fund partners and underlying fund managers. We use minimum five years of superior and consistent track record of fund principals as a pre-selection criteria. No exclusion from the rule allowed.
  • No matter how wonderful is the track record of a fund manager; we want to be reasonably confident that historically achieved results will persist. The investment process use by our selection of managers should be sustainable.
  • We are only investing in well established managers with superior investment models - it is validated by fact that most of the funds we invest are managed by Award Winning firms recognized by the financial industry for their achievements.
  Our Offering

We offer to our clients a relevant and efficient range of products which are actively managed to produce consistent risk-adjusted performance and superior long-term real returns.

Understanding the particular needs and objectives of each of our clients is a primary aspect of our client-focused service approach. The size of initial investment and specifications of a mandate determine level of hedge funds portfolio customization which is necessary to meet a client's individual objectives.

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